Friday, September 2, 2016

Brock Turner and Justice

Today, Brock Turner was released from jail after serving his three month sentence.

Brock Turner, a former student at Stanford was caught sexually assaulting an unconscious young woman behind a dumpster. We were all of course grieved and appalled at this heinous and sinful action, waiting for the institutions of justice to fulfill their role in handling the case. When the time came for Brock Turner to receive his sentencing, the judge ordered a meager three month sentence for Brock Turner's vicious crime. 

Universally, the whole public, those on right, those on the left, men, women, religious and non-religious- every person was absolutely outraged...and rightly so. 

Two Observations:

1. It's interesting that in our world that boasts of moral relativity and all around-acceptability, full of catchphrases like "what works for you works for you..." and "don't judge!" we still can't escape this deep inner sense of justice that exists within each of us-deep, true, and objective justice. Some things are really horribly wrong, and we all know it, no matter what non-judgemental slogan we chant. The moral law has indeed been written on our hearts, and it is God's grace that it remains there. 

2. What's more interesting to me however is even though we still have this deep profound sense of justice, we still can't fathom the idea of a perfectly just God sentencing people to judgment i.e. any conception of hell. Somehow that crosses the line. We are outraged at the unjust judge who gave a measly three months to Brock Turner, but we find it incredulous that we deserve any sort of divine judgement. We ask, "How God could rightly send people to judgement??", while we demand a harsher punishment for law-breakers like Brock Turner. We recognize the lack of justice within the corrupt judge, but when it comes to our relation to God, our moral compasses are so jacked up that we're no better than that judge thinking the moral law is weightless and our actions aren't all that atrocious and really don't deserve any punishment. The hypocrisy is self-evident.

The good news is the truly righteous judge of the world came down and bore the judgement we rightly deserved on himself. While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

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