Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Online Academic Resources

Here is a list of good online academic resources. (I don't agree with/endorse everything said from the list below, but they still remain very helpful.)


Reasonable Faith-William Lane Craig is fantastic. He has a doctorate in philosophy, and a doctorate in theology. Unlike many apologists who don't have any formal training in philosophy, biblical languages, theology, or church history, Craig is a scholar. He has articles, question and answers, and a great video series of his Sunday School class.

Douglas Groothius-Douglas Groothius is a Christian philosopher and apologist who blogs on his website.

Worldview Design-Josh Rasmussen is an analytic philosopher who has a youtube channel where he addresses philosophical issues.

Analogical Thoughts-James Anderson is philosopher who blogs on theological and philosophical issues from a broadly Reformed perspective.

Edward Feser's blog-Ed Feser is a Catholic philosopher who blogs about philosophical and cultural topics from a Thomistic perspective.

Alex Pruss' blog-Alex Pruss is a Catholic philosopher who blogs mostly about philosophy, and does a lot of fun but dense and technical thought experiments.

The Reluctant Theologian Podcast-Ryan Mullins hosts a podcast called The Reluctant Theologian where he discusses topics in philosophy.

Greg Sadler-Greg Sadler has a youtube channel with tons of content focusing primarily on the history of philosophy.

Wireless Philosophy-This is a youtube channel with animated videos that addresses various contemporary philosophical topics from philosophers who specialize in that topic. Very accessible.

Wheaton College- Wheaton has shared videos of Arthur Holmes' lectures on the history of philosophy on their youtube channel.

Daniel Bonevac-Daniel Bonevac has a youtube channel with videos of his lectures in different philosophy classes.

Salt and Grace-Amy Davison is a graduate student in philosophy who blogs on apologetics

Center for Philosophy of Religion-This is a center at the University of Notre Dame that invites philosophers to come and do research and present on it. They have a youtube channel with lots of content including animated videos on some of Alvin Plantinga's big ideas.

Closer to Truth-Robert Kuhns has a great show where he interviews some of the best scholars in the world, including some of the best philosophers and theologians on big questions.

Eidos-John Mark Reynolds blog where he talks about philosophy, literature, and culture

Melissa Cain Travis-Melissa is a philosopher and apologist who blogs on her website.


Word on Fire-This is a ministry of Bishop Robert Barron. He has videos on youtube where discusses culture, film, philosophy, and theology.

Ryan Reeves-Ryan Reeves is historical theologian who has a youtube channel discussing the history of the Christian church.

Mere Fidelity-This is a podcast with Matthew Lee Anderson, Derek Rishmawy, and Andrew Wilson and Alistair Roberts where they discuss issues in theology.

Davenant Institute-Lots of good videos and articles from a distinctly Protestant Reformed perspective.

Logos Institute Podcast-The Logos Institute is an institute of the University of St. Andrews that specializes in exegetical and analytic theology. The podcast has scholars on to talk about theology and philosophy.  

Mortification of Spin Podcast-A podcast with Carl Trueman coming from a distinctly Presbyterian perspective

The Evangelical Calvinist-Bobby Grow is a Barthian who blogs about theology from a Barthian perspective

Gavin Ortlund-Gavin Ortlund is a scholar who knows a lot about Anselm, who writes on his blog about theology.

Jordan Cooper-Jordan Cooper is a Lutheran theologian who hosts the podcast Just and Sinner, and he also has a youtube channel.

First Things-A Christian magazine you can read online that discusses topics in theology and culture

Christ and Pop Culture-A website that has lots of articles and a podcast on film and tv.


Alastair Roberts-Alastair Roberts is a Biblical theologians who blogs at patheos and has his own youtube channel where discusses issues in biblical theology and culture.

Risen Jesus-Michael Licona is a NT historian who hosts a podcast on the reliability of the NT

ReKnew-Greg Boyd is an Anabaptist pastor and scholar who blogs and has a podcast

N.T. Wright-NT Wright is a NT scholar who has lots of articles, interviews, and so forth on his website

Frame/Poythress-This is blog by Reformed philosopher John Frame and NT scholar Poythress. Lots of interesting stuff from a distinctly Reformed perspective.

Think Theology-A blog with different contributors including Andrew Wilson who always has insightful things to say.

Jesus Creed-Scot McKnight is a NT scholar who blogs on patheos from an Anabaptist perspective

Seedbed-Asbury Seminary has a video channel with Bible scholars talking about issues in Biblical studies from a Wesleyan/non-Calvinist perspective. Very accessible.

Crux Sola-Nijay Gupta and Christopher Skinner are NT scholars who blog

Euangelion-Michael Bird is an Anglican NT scholar who blogs on patheos

Preston Sprinkle-Preston Sprinkle is a NT scholar who has his own podcast

Bible Project-This is great project led by an OT scholar and his buddy from college discussing books of the Bible in animated format. Very accessible.

The Table-This is a podcast put out by Dallas Theological Seminary that talks about many things includes biblical studies.

Beeson Divinity Podcast-A podcast put out by Beeson Divinity School that covers lots of topics in theology and Biblical studies.

Gospel Coalition-Lots of articles, videos, audio lectures on theology and Bible from a Reformed perspective.

Henry Center- This is a center of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. They have a youtube channel with recordings of some great scholars who come to research and present.

Peter Leithart-Peter Leithart is Biblical theologian and president of the Theopolis Institute. He  always has unique and beautifully written insights on his blog on patheos.

Peter Enns-Peter Enns is an OT scholar who blogs and has his own podcast.

Premier Christian Radio-A Christian radio show in the UK hosted by Justin Brierly who gets Bible scholars and theologians to talk on his show.

Eerdmans-Eerdmans is a Christian publishing company, that has a youtube channel where they
interview their authors. Easy to listen to.

Wipf and Stock-Wipf and Stock is a Christian publishing company that uploads conversations with their authors on their youtube channel.

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